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How to get it?

Register and verify your identity, choose any project on our primary market and invest. After 30 days from the registration date You will get the bonus to increase Your returns even more. Read Terms and Conditions of this campaign.

  • Invest from 500 to 1,999 EUR and get a

    25 EUR
  • Invest from 2,000 to 9,999 EUR and get a

    50 EUR
  • Invest from 10,000 - 99,999 EUR and get a

    200 EUR
  • Invest from 100,000 - EUR and get a

    1000 EUR
  • altResidential building in XirivellaAnnual yield: 14%

    Why Real Estate?

    Investments in real estate are always valuable assets that any investor should possess. And that’s why property investments are considered by many experienced investors to be the most secure way of investing.

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  • altBusiness building in TallinnAnnual yield: 13.4%

    Why Reinvest24?

    Even with small investment, you can start creating real estate portfolio and earn up to 14.8% per annum. Investing small amounts over the years can have positive return in under 30 years period.

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Explore All The Benefits

Country diversification

Invest in securel real estate projects from Germany, Moldova, Estonia, Latvia, and Spain.

Exit any time

Our secondary market tool gives You the possibility to exit the project whenever You want by selling Your claim units to other investors.


A 1st rank mortgage as a guarantee provides maximum security for our investors. The track record of successfully exited projects and 0 EUR capital loss proves that our wise risk management and scrupulous attention to details works.


On average our investors have earned up to 14.8% per annum. Besides, our rental properties provide additional returns from the value increase, once they are sold.

Our numbers say it all

17.000 170%
Investors choose us as their Top-3 platform for real estate investments
15.1% 14%
Average performance that investors receive on our projects
€ 9,530,000 32%
Earned by our investors
160+ 24%
Financed by our investors

What are the risks?

You should never forget that there are a number of risks associated with investing and past results do not guarantee future returns. Crowdfunding is not covered by the insurance coverage provided by the laws on insurance of deposits and liabilities to investors of the European Union member states. However, on a daily basis, our team of experts does extraordinary work to mitigate the risks as much as possible.

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Every project is being thoroughly vetted by our team for the following criterias:


  • Possible risks
  • Full legal due dilligence
  • Valuation and comparison to market prices
  • Documents, construction permissions, compliance


  • Location and “best scenario for this location” simulations
  • Acquisition/Renovation/Reconstruction scenarios for best performance
  • White/Black scenario of implemenation of the project
  • Alternative scenario (or two), if something goes wrong

that’s why

Average perfomance that investors receive on our projects
level mortgage on real-estate, providing maximum security for our investors
€9,530,000+ 32%
earned by our investors investing into our projects

Investment amount

€10,000 15.1%

Compared to cumulative monthly deposit

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